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"I have found our work to explore my metaphoric sweet shop really helpful on a number of levels. At first it helped me regain my creativity and now that creativity has itself fed back into using metaphor to enhancing our customers' dining experience. "
Heston Blumenthal O.B.E.

Read 'Kid in a sweetshop' about Heston's journey to release his creativity through coaching using metaphor.

"I just wanted to say thank you for the work we did last year. The sessions helped me a great deal and I still use what I got out of them.
Result: Winner of the Best Sommelier in EUROPE competition!
Once again a big Thank You!"
I.B. Head Sommelier

"I'm so much more productive and I don't have writer's block anymore! "
A.I. Journalist

Case Studies

Ashley Palmer-Watts - Executive Chef, The Fat Duck Group
Ashley Palmer-Watts, Head Chef at the Fat Duck when this was filmed, now Executive Chef for The Fat Duck Group, speaks about the goals he set for himself and the value he gains from leadership coaching.

Articles and written Case Studies

Please have a look at the article "Kid in a Sweetshop", in which Heston Blumenthal, OBE talks about how coaching helped release his creativity.

Read about how Alex Marks used coaching to help him become a better manager in "The Power of Empathy"

Read how Steve Drake changed his way of looking at work, and his way of working, to earn his first Michelin star in A Leap of Faith.

Read how Heston Blumenthal uses coaching to help his time management skills in our article, Peeling the Onion of Time Management.

To see if Chef's Coaching will help you achieve the things that you want, please feel free to call 01494 473504 to see how we could work together.

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