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"I just wanted to say thank you for the work we did last year. The sessions helped me a great deal and I still use what I got out of them.
Result: Winner of the Best Sommelier in EUROPE competition!
Once again a big Thank You!"
I.B. Head Sommelier

Front of House Coaching

Everyone knows that no matter how exquisite the food offering, good service is crucial for a first class customer experience.

Coaching is not training. You will know from either your training (someone showed you or told you) or just your own experience, that Front of House responsibilities require a wide expertise in Hosting, Cuisine and Persuasion.

The question is, does training alone give you the results you expect/hope for from real customers in the real world; in a real service?

There is more to doing something really well than just 'knowing how to...'!

Front of House Coaching is about improving performance based on YOUR goals, YOUR abilities, YOUR way of doing things, and YOU.

Some examples of the goals I have helped front of house staff achieve include:

  • Courteous confidence
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Persuasive communication

Front of house coaching will help you take the skills you have learned and turn this knowledge into performance; something that is very personal to you and your own customers.

Let's take some of the principles of a high performing, winning sports mentality and help you apply it to the skills you have already learned. Often the key to an award winning professional performance hinges on reducing your PITS (performance inhibiting thoughts) & increasing your PETS (performance enhancing thoughts)!

Of course there are many factors we may focus on in our coaching sessions that are personal to you and your own style and we will always start by helping you set some really clear goals both for our work together and your performance. (read more)

To make sure coaching will help you achieve the things that you want, please call Mike Duckett on 01494 473504 to discuss how we could work together.



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