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Applying Coaching Psychology to Hospitality

Coaching (personal performance at your restaurant) can help you achieve success.

We all like to be successful. It’s a simple fact of life. No matter who we are, no matter what we do, no matter what age we are, we all want to succeed. In sport, in business and in life in general, we are all looking to enjoy the sweet taste of success.

Mike Duckett - Coaching for SuccessMy specialities include: Chef's Coaching, Front of House Coaching, and Management Coaching.

All too few of us have any clear idea of exactly what we are looking to achieve. We have no clear measure of how to define our success - and even fewer of us have any idea of exactly how we can realise and release our full potential. When you come to me for coaching, I will help you clearly define what you want to achieve and to develop a practical ‘gameplan’ to achieve it.

Helping You to Help Yourself to Success

For some of us, in certain fields, success appears to come naturally and easily but for most of us, success is something that we have to work at. That’s precisely how I can help because I help people to help themselves to success.

If you stop to think about it, it can be no surprise that the most successful sportsmen and sportswomen have clear goals and well thought through gameplans - arrived at with a coach to help them to define precisely what their goals are and to ensure that they do exactly what it takes to succeed.

Quite simply, they are winners because they have been coached for success. Making use of coaching can help you enjoy similar success.

Coaching for Success is all About You

As in sport, those most committed and those with the highest aspirations spend the most time with their coach. If you are looking to achieve something more in your career, the focus will always be on you as an individual.

In my approach I recognise that everyone has their own different set of needs, pressures, ambitions, skills and budgets. That’s why I will work closely with you on a completely confidential one-to-one basis to develop an individually tailored success plan built around your own set of clearly defined goals.

Having helped you to identify your goals and what you are looking to achieve, I will then work with you on developing your own personal coaching ‘gameplan’ to ensure that you will be successful.

Read more about my approach.

...and it Costs Nothing to Find Out How it Can Work For You

There really is no better way to find out if hospitality coaching from Coaching for Success is right for you than for you to arrange an initial, no cost, exploratory meeting so that you can find out for yourself how professional coaching could be of value.

I charge no fee until you are absolutely sure that Coaching for Success is the right way forward for you.

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